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       Willow Lane Standard Poodles
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Maryann Farquhar

  Health Guarantee and Sales Agreement

Buyers name:__________________________________ Email address:___________________________
Mailing Address:_______________________________ Phone: __________________________________

Dam's Reg: Name:__________________________________Reg. #:   _____________________________
Sire's Ref: Name:__________________________________  Reg. #:  _______________________________

1st Pick Puppy Reg. Name:  _________________________________of Willow Lane Farms.
2nd Pick Puppy Reg. Name:  Allen's Willow Lane's ____________________________.

Microchip # _____________________________ Gender:_________ Cost:____________

A $250 non-refundable deposit, will hold pup of your choice, if we cannot provide the puppy of choice, the deposit may be transferred to another litter or pup.( Only if the dam does not conceive will we refund the deposit)  Personal cheques will be taken for deposits but final payment will be required one week prior to pick up or at 8 weeks of age if the puppy is being shipped.  Final payments can be made in cash, Paypal, or online money transfer. (%3 charge if paying by paypal) .  Buyers deposit will be forfeited if they do not comply with these terms.

The above stated puppy is guarantee to be in good health and has been vaccinated, dewormed and inspected by a licensed veterinarian. The breeder will provide vet records.  We require the buyer to have the puppy inspected within 72 (business hrs ) upon pick up.  If any serious genetic or life threatening diseases are found, (excluding, parasites or coccidia),  the puppy is to be brought back to us at the buyers expense and we will replace the puppy, or pay the vet cost not exceeding the purchase price of the dog. Proof and documentation from a licensed veterinarian must accompany the puppy upon return within 10 days of the purchase.  The breeder will then have that puppy examined by their own license veterinarian before compensation is provided.
The above stated puppy is guaranteed to the original buyer for (1) one year against hereditary/genetic diseases. And (2) two years against hip dysplasia.  Hips must be tested with either OFA/ OVC or Pen Hip and documentation must be shown to the breeder.

All dog's sold on Full registration  must have their hips tested with either OFA/ Penn-Hip/ or OVC before breeding or this contract is null and void. If dog is found to have a serious hereditary/genetic disease a replacement puppy of equal value will be given when available.

Documentation from licensed veterinarian must be given.

Willow Lane Standard Poodle Pricing

Please note all of our Standard Poodles can be registered with
AKC, UCK or CKC (Canadian Kennel Club)
unless otherwise clearly stated.

Limited CKC (Canadian Kennel Club) Registration

Solids- $1300
                                              Parti Factored- $1300-$1500 (depending on colour)        
                Brindle Parti's- $1500.00
    Parti's -$1500.00
                          Brown and White- $1500-1800 
                  Red and White Parti's - $1800-$2000

This is just a guideline final price will be set individually.
CKC full registration is priced more.

If shipping is required it usually ranges from $300-350. (for puppies)
We ship our puppies at 10 weeks of age.

Limited or Full CKC Registration

The above stated puppy is being sold with the following registration:
(Signature is required by both Breeder and Buyer)

   Limited Registration (puppy MUST be Spayed or Neutered)

  __________________________ ___________________________
       Buyers Signature and DateBreeders Signature and Date                          

    Full Registration (Buyer agrees to OFA/OVC of Penhip testing before the dog is bred. If the test is  not done prior to breeding this contract becomes null and void)
__________________________                                 _____________________________
       Buyers Signature and DateBreeder Signature and Date
For Limited registration: Buyer will receive CKC registration papers when proof of spay/neuter is sent to me. Dogs will be spayed/neutered around 6 months, but NO later than 7 months of age. For Full registration: papers will be given at time of purchase or no later than (2) two months after purchase.
I have the right to refuse selling to anyone at any time.

The Breeder cannot guarantee color or show quality but we can do provide our  best educated and honest opinion based upon our breeding experience. Breeder will cover umbilical hernia’s and undesirable bites up-to $100 discount for repair if needed.  Documentation must be provided from your veternarian.

Purchase Agreement:

The Buyer understands by signing this agreement it becomes a binding contract, and  acknowledges that they have read, understood and agree to the conditions of this Purchase Agreement.  Any breach of the above stated conditions leads to this sales agreement becoming null and void.

Signature of Breeder:_______________________________________ Date:___________

Signature of Buyer(s):_______________________________________Date:___________

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